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About Us

We are a Movement

for Everyone Everywhere


We are a prophetic, pioneering, spearhead, advance, war, expansion movement; passionate, militant, prototype, abnormal, aggressive, addicted, radical and reformer; a breach-breaking church, full of supernatural love and grace; conquering, moving, edifying, visionary, restorative, authoritative, influential and liberating; with signs, miracles, wonders and healings; committed, governmental, new wine, fatherly, daring, wise, confrontational, dynamic, spontaneous and humble.


We are a people with a design or pattern from heaven, to advance the kingdom of God in the neighborhood, in the city and in the nations of the earth; and to execute spiritual government over our region. A network with the passion to win souls for Jesus, train, equip and mature believers to fulfill God's purpose and calling in their lives; with a vision of the Kingdom, a vision of the body and a national, continental and universal vision.

Disciple 21 discovers, develops, and unleashes passionate spiritual ministers to the world to see the Kingdom of God, planting disciple-making churches.


Our Mission


We are a movement of ordinary people doing the extraordinary. Our purpose is to plant multiplying disciple-making churches to prepare the Church of Christ and reap the harvest of the 21st Century through: Reformation, Revival and Fire.


Our Vision


We are a Global Organic Charismatic Movement of Planting Multiplying Churches through a design or pattern from heaven, to advance the kingdom of God beginning in our home, in neighborhoods, in cities, reaching and unleashing the nations of the earth.

Disciple 21 is made up of pastors and spiritual leaders around the world united under a covenant to model, motivate, mentor, multiply and mobilize the Church of the 21st Century.


Vision Team

Rev. Dr. Iosmar Alvarez

Global Executive Director

Pastor Corey Daniel Godbey

Global Delivery Team Director

Rev. Gary & Marcia Ball

Global Spiritual Formation Director

Pastor Silvia López

Global Administrative Assistant

Pastor Richard Araya

Global Connections Director

Prophet Mike Gannon

Global Media & Marketing Director

Pastor Reinaldo Gracia

Global Director of Academic Affairs

Recordamos con amor

Pastor Javier Gales

Global Financial Director

Apostle Francisco Mantilla

Global Unleashed Movement Director

Su señor le respondió: “¡Hiciste bien, siervo bueno y fiel! En lo poco has sido fiel; te pondré a cargo de mucho más. ¡Ven a compartir la felicidad de tu señor!

Mateo 25:21 (NVI)

Delivery Team

Pastor Nelson Figueroa

International Lifelong Theological Learning Developer

Apostle Lincoln Hernández

International Centurion 21 Developer

Proph. Patricia Mantilla

International Prayer and Intercession Developer

Teacher Andrea Boyd

Administrative Assistant Delivery Team

Pastor Gustavo Echemendia

South Central Regional Developer

Pastor Elena Ortiz

Northeast Regional Developer

Pastor Zulayne Alvarez

South East Regional Developer

Kaitlyn Chambers

West Regional Developer

Pastor Danilo Quevedo

Southeast Regional Developer

Pastor Vicky Hughes

Spiritual Formation Coordinator

Pastor Rob Hughes

Spiritual Formation Coordinator

We need a faith that understands who God is. Faith does not ignore truth, facts, or reality, but challenges it and identifies it with acts of deep faith that go beyond this natural world.


Doctrinal Statement

As a movement we have a heavenly vision with a clear and defined biblical base, knowing that the spring (cell) becomes a river (church), then a sea (community of churches) and finally a powerful ocean (multiplying church movement) . See our full statement of doctrine here:

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