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Welcome to the program for leaders and pastors developed in partnership with Asbury Theological Seminary and Red Nueva Vida , with which we seek to equip and train bi-vocational lay leaders in the planting and multiplication of healthy churches around the world.

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Church Planting

The program provides the knowledge and tools a worker needs before and during the church planting process. The content of this course is practical, understandable, and relevant to today's leaders and pastors.


This course offers an overview organized in three blocks - Disciple Formation, Church Planting, Bible and Theology - taught through the Interactive Adult Learning method where the student plays a central role in their own learning. Below we present the topics to be discussed corresponding to each block:

Disciple Formation
  • Biblical foundation of discipleship.

  • Disciple-making process.

  • Challenges of making disciples.

  • Identification of new workers.

Church Planting
  • Principles of multiplication.

  • The context.

  • Prayer plan and its execution.

  • People of peace.

  • Organization of a worship service.

  • Biblical perspective of money.

  • Models of ministerial support.

Bible and Theology
  • Panorama of the OT and NT.

  • Reading, interpretation and application of the Bible.

  • The history of the Bible.

  • Who is God and what does He expect of us?

  • Participation in the work of God.

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The Ministerial Training Program developed in conjunction with Asbury Theological Seminary is focused on students interested in Advanced Theological Studies and in this way helping Hispanic leaders to carry out the call that God has placed in their lives.

D21 Bachelor


Ministerial Formation Program

Our passion is to be an instrument in the hands of God of teaching and transformation in the lives of our students. Our mission is to perpetuate the history of God through theological education in Spanish so that the people of God do not forget His works.


For those students who wish to complete an academic degree with the goal of pursuing master's studies, the Ministerial Training Program offers a 60-credit Diploma. This diploma can be in Pastoral Studies or in Counseling. Upon completion of the diploma, the student has the opportunity to apply for admission to a theological seminary for master's studies.


The program is recognized as equivalent to a baccalaureate (or bachelor's degree), and opens the way for master's studies. This Certification is a tremendous opportunity for our Latino people and we hope that many can take advantage of it and continue with their theological preparation. Here we present the content of the two approaches within the Ministerial Formation Program that we have for you:

  • Introduction to the New Testament and Old Testament

  • Spiritual formation

  • Study and Research Methods

  • Pastoral Counseling

  • Marriage and Family Counseling

  • Crisis Counseling

  • Sexuality Issues in the Ministry

  • Group Counseling

  • Counseling Theories and Methods

  • Counseling Ethics

  • Counseling for Children and Adolescents

  • Addiction Counseling

  • Counseling Interview Skills

  • Church history

  • Christian theology

  • Introduction to Hermeneutics

Pastoral Studies
  • Church history

  • Christian theology

  • Introduction to the New Testament and the Old Testament

  • Introduction to Hermeneutics

  • Spiritual formation

  • Study and Research Methods

  • The Art of Preaching

  • Christian Ethics

  • Servant Leader Theology

  • Women, Men and the Ministry

  • Greek

  • Missions in the Book of Acts

  • World Religions and Evangelism

  • Pastoral Ministry

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • The Pentateuch

  • Jesus and the Gospels

  • Ministry, Call and Vocation

  • Individual Bible Study (Matthew and the Epistles of John)

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